Engine Defender.

Keep oil, grease, and road grime from robbing your engine of its best performance. Specially formulated GUNK Engine Degreasers and Protector—the two-step powerhouse system—ensure that your engine runs cooler, stays cleaner and lasts longer.

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GUNK® Cleaners & Degreasers quickly remove built up grease, grime and dirt.

GUNK® Engine Protector locks in the clean with a tough protective layer.

Step 1: Clean

GUNK Cleaners and Degreasers quickly remove built up grease, grime and road grime. Simply apply to your cool engine, allow to soak to break up the grease and dirt, then rinse with water.

Choosing the right cleaner for the job is simple. From newer engines with lots of under hood plastics to the baked-on grease and oil of older engines, we’ve got a formula that’s right for your engine.

GUNK® Engine Cleaner Foamy Formula
  • Safely removes dirt, dust and road grime and can be used on all vehicles.
  • Great for newer engines that have a lot of under hood plastics.
  • Foam expands under plastics and clings to vertical surfaces to pick up dirt.
  • Quick, effective foaming action.
  • Rinses easily with water.
GUNK® Engine Degreaser Original Formula
  • Our #1 selling formula.
  • Specially formulated for older, hardworking, leaky and greasy engines.
  • Deep cleaning, fast acting and self-emulsifying.
  • Rinses clean with water.
GUNK® Engine Degreaser Heavy Duty Gel Formula
  • Our most aggressive engine degreaser.
  • Specially formulated to remove baked on grease and oil from hotter-running engines.
  • Clings where it’s sprayed.
  • Deep penetrating action.
  • No scrubbing required.
  • Rinses clean with water.
GUNK® Multi-Surface Engine Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Water-based degreaser in an easy trigger spray bottle.
  • Zero-VOC formula.
  • Great for removing oil, grease and road grime form your engine.
  • Safe to use on all metals, rubber and plastics under the hood.

Step 2: Protect

GUNK® Engine Protector locks in the clean with a tough protective layer that makes future clean ups easier. It also leaves behind an impressive satin-like finish on under hood surfaces like hoses, plastic and metal parts.

Our formula contains no silicone that creates greasy, dust-collecting buildup. It’s safe for use on cars, trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs compressors, generators, bicycles and motorcycles. If it’s got an engine, we keep it defended.

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